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To produce cattle that will calf easily, grow quickly and is generally well adjusted with a quiet temperament and above average meat and milk production.


  • To use selection and performance testing to make only the best performers available in the bull market.
  • To select animals that meet the breed standards and perform above average in terms of feed conversion and milk production.
  • To expand the race as the most versatile, most effective race for meat, milk and crossbreeding production in South Africa.


Why Braunvieh?


A medium to large frame dual purpose breed, which was developed for meat and dairy production in a 60:40 ratio. It has a good walking ability, strong legs and deep dark hooves.


The Braunvieh is a breed with an above average milk production, good udders and teats that ensure that calves grow up fast with above average weaned weight.


More than a decade ago, Mr Bruce Hunt stopped stud breeding and started with a cross breeding program which concentrated on feedlot production and that was when he started breeding the ideal cross – hardy animals with superior meat and milk characteristics.

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A breed with a calm temperament which is well adjusted and performs exceedingly well in a feedlot.

As a result of its origin being in the Alps, it is a breed with a higher red blood count than other breeds making it easily adaptable to a variety of circumstances from extremely cold to extremely hot conditions worldwide.

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